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Fortaleza is a ideal location to hook up with hot chicks looking for meets. Fortaleza is currently the state capital of Ceará, located in Northeastern Brazil.. There are multiple bars single women who are looking for fun. The statue of Iracema refers to the legend of the indigenous woman depicted in a 19th century novel by José de Alencar, a famous Brazilian author born in Messejana. I will assist you to find fit women in Fortaleza. Fortaleza’s history began on February 2, 1500, when Spaniard Vicente Pinzón landed in Mucuripe’s cove and also named the new land Santa Maria de la Consolación. There are surprisingly a few married ladies looking for fun with younger lads! During the 19th century, Fortaleza was consolidated as an urban center in Ceará, supported by the sprouting of cotton growing. Whatever you are looking for you will locate the perfect woman in Fortaleza.